Tips For Relieving Stress

It has been shown that those that suffer from stress suffer from a wide range of other medical conditions.  When we become stressed our blood pressure begins to rise and we begin to put more stress on our bodies.  For those that are suffering from extreme stress it may be a good idea to take a step back and get a personal day.

Now, I know a personal day may seem farfetched, however, if you don’t take time for yourself you will find yourself right in the situation you are looking to avoid.  One thing that people like to do is look for a massage near me in Boulder CO to go and be pampered for a day.

Close your eyes and count

The first step in relaxing is to center your mind and your body.  People don’t realize how much stress is generated in our own minds.  When we are stressed, we are thinking of different things and different situations.  We then start to play these in our minds and if you are like me, come up with the worst case scenario possible.  When we close our eyes and count, we are focusing our mind on a specific task which allows it to reset and center itself.


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It is amazing how relaxing coloring can be.  When we color, we again are focusing our minds away from the stress and day to day activities.  When we color there is something magical about it – similar to returning to our childhood where we were able to be creative without judgment.

Drink water

Ensuring that we are hydrated is another great way to relieve stress.  Water will go through our system and flush out toxins and other impurities.  When we drink water, we are returning fluids that we may have lost as well as fill our stomachs so we aren’t hangry any more.