How To Protect Yourself When You Get Hurt

No one wants to get hurt, however it is a part of the world we live in. We can have a simple injury such as biting our tongue, stubbing our toe or cutting our finger. In other situations, we may get hurt from falling on the job, another employee not paying attention to what they are doing or a million other reasons. If you are hurt, and whether it is serious or not, you want to be in contact with a personal injury attorney to see if you have any legal rights or options

When it comes to getting hurt on the job, everyone is so worried about being fired or maybe having their wages from work decreased that they don’t realize what happens next. If you get hurt at work and your medical bills are paid by your health insurance company, you don’t think twice until you start getting letters in the mail from the insurance company telling you that they have not given your doctor enough money towards your medical bills.

This is where you need to respond quickly, because if you don’t do anything, the insurance company will start reducing your coverage to a point where you might not be able to get the treatment you need.

The main reason that you want to contact an attorney is to ensure that your rights are being looked at and acknowledged. If you are in fear of being fired or other issues happening, don’t be. You are covered by Federal Law.

The main laws that you will be protected under are the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 (COBRA).

personal injury attorney

If you have been injured on the job, do not panic.  As long as your injury was not caused by something out of your control or is not a pre-existing condition, you are covered under FMLA.